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  • The introdution of the Injection Mold
    The introdution of the Injection Mold
    The founder of Vertical Group, Mr. Iwan Fandra was born in Medan, Indonesia and graduated from Taiwan Taichung University in 1999. He started his carrier in China (Changan Town, Dongguan City, Province of Guangdong) at Die-Casting parts machining factory from Jan 2000 until June 2005.
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  • Injection Mold Overview
    Injection Mold Overview
    An injection mold is a production tool that can repeatedly produce plastic parts or articles in large quantities.
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  • Some insights on injection molding
    Some insights on injection molding
    The property of friction between macromolecules when molten plastic flows is called the viscosity of plastic, and the coefficient of this viscosity is called viscosity, so the viscosity is a reflection of the fluidity of molten plastic. The larger the viscosity, the stronger the viscosity of the melt. The worse the fluidity, the more difficult the processing.Comparing the fluidity of a plastic is not based on its viscosity value, but on its melt flow index (called MFI): The so-called MFI is the
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  • Plastic Injection Molding Industry
    Plastic Injection Molding Industry
    Mold and injection molding industry(Reprint news)The production of plastic products is first based on the development and design of plastic mold, plastic mold is a basic tool for the production of plastic products, the precision of the mold directly affects the structural integrity of plastic produc
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