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Injection Mold Overview
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Injection Mold Overview

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Injection Mold Overview

An injection mold is a production tool that can repeatedly produce plastic parts or articles in large quantities. This mold is

Injection Mold

Rely on one or more cavities formed by the molded parts after assembly

Type of product shape we need. Injection molds are all plastic molds

The structure is the most complex, with the highest design, manufacturing and processing accuracy, and application

The most common kind of mold.

The injection mold must be installed on the plastic injection machine when it is working, and the injection machine can realize the opening and closing of the mold moving and fixed mold, and the molding is performed in the following order

Required products: mold clamping + injection of melt into the human cavity → holding pressure and cooling → mold opening and ejecting the product before closing the mold

Classification of injection mold

There are many ways to classify injection molds. According to the difference of the basic structure of the injection mold pouring system, it can be divided into three categories: the first category is the second board

Mold (also called large nozzle mold in Guangdong area); the second type is three-plate mold (also called fine nozzle mold in Guangdong area); the third type is heat flow

Daomo, also known as no-flow Daomo. Other molds include the mold of the side core-pulling mechanism, the mold of the internal thread motorized demoulding mechanism, and the fixed mold

The introduced molds and composite demoulding molds are all evolved from these three types of molds.

Two-plate mold

It is bounded by the parting surface

The two-plate board is called a single parting die, which is the simplest and most restrictive part in the injection mold.

There are two parts of the movable mold and the fixed mold.

Part of the cavity is in the fixed mold

The parting cavity is in the moving mold,

The shunt is opened on the parting surface,

The runner is in fixed mode,

The product and the runner are left in the moving mold. After the product and the pouring system condensate are taken from the same mold, they are taken out from the parting surface and the system is pushed out.

After the mold is opened, the push part of the product is equipped with a push limiter. It is the development of two-plate molds, separate molds. Other molds

Three-plate mold

Also called double parting die, the die is divided into three parts after opening the die, which adds a runner to the two plate die

Board, suitable for the field where there are no gate marks or large projection area around the product, which requires multiple points of pouring




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