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Mr. Iwan Fandra  Founder, Sales Director

Degree : Taichung Chung Hsing University Agricultural Machinery Engineering Bachelor of Science.
Experience : 
1995 ~ 2000 Taiwan Tec Air Enterprise Co., Ltd. : Machinery Engineer
2000 ~ 2005 Dongguan Tec Air Co., Ltd. : Machinery Engineer, QC Supervisor, Foreign Trade Supervisor, Administration Vice Manager.
2005 ~ now Vertical (Dongguan) Trading Co., Ltd. : CEO
2018 ~ now Fanstar (Dongguan) Smart Technology Co., Ltd. : Sales Director
Skill : Supply Chain Management,  Business Strategy, Outsourcing, Business Process, Product Development, Sourcing & Logistics, Team Management, Customer Service.
Career Belief : Ever onward with Vertical Fanstar, Always belief skills comes from communication.
Ms. Elaine Wang  General Manager

Degree :  Hubei Xianning Forestry School Computer Science
Experience : 
2000 ~ 2004 Dongguan Tec Air Enterprise Co., Ltd. Sales Supervisor
2005 ~ 2013 CITIC Prudential Insurance Co., Ltd. Sales Manager
2014 ~ now Vertical (Dongguan) Trading Co., Ltd. Purchasing Manager 
2018 ~ now Fanstar (Dongguan) Smart Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager
Skills : Effective Communication, Result-Oriented, Quality Detail Control.
Career Belief:Commercial Morality,  Service-Oriented, Happy Work, Balanced Life.
Mr. Shawn Zhang  Vice General Manager

Degree : Chongqing  Chemical Industry  Vocational College Industrial Process Automation
Experience :
2008-2018  Moldshop Supervisor 
2018- now  Fanstar (Dongguan) Smart Technology Co., Ltd. Vice General Manager
Skills : 
plastic injection mold, multi-cavity mold and two-color mold 
Career Belief : Service First, Quality First
Ms. Icey Lin  Financial Accountant, GM Assistant

Degree :  Guangzhou Jinan University Accounting (Bachelor of Economics)
Experience : 
May 2015 - Dec 2018 Boshi Industries Ltd  Financial Accountant.
Dec 2018 - now Fanstar (Dongguan) Smart Technology Co., Ltd Financial Accountant, GM Assistant.
Skills : Overall Business; Taxes, Banking, Industry & Commercial Dept. Statistics; Anti-False Tax-Controllled System、ERP System.
Career Belief:Meet challenges, stick to faith, embrace change, don't hesitate when you are young, don't regret when you are old.
Ms. Fang Hu 丨 Administration Dept,Supervisor

Degree : Guangxi Vocational and Technical College
Skills :Overall Human Resources & Administrative Management, 6 Modules Of Human Resources,Employees Relationship, Fire Safety, Outreach, Event Planning, Customer / Third Party Agency Inspection Process, etc.
Career Belief : Doing Things With Heart, Being A Practical Person, Do Not Forget The Original Intention,All Is Well.




Name: Iwan Fandra 丨Director
Tel: +86 198 2019 2009

E-mail: fandra77@vertical-china.com


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