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  • Q About the quality of Chinese mold factories


    After receiving the order, Fanstar will regularly report the production progress and quality of the products to  customers.




    In many factories in China, there will be a common "almost fine", and then arrange for delivery, but we will have strict requirements for any products we produce, and we will never deliver to customers because of "almost fine". We will never export products that cannot satisfy ourselves and also customers. 


  • Q Working style of Chinese suppliers


    Chinese suppliers' work styles will be different from foreign countries, and they will not be done in full accordance with the requirements of the textbooks, but most of the products made by experienced technology will make you feel satisfied.




    Fanstar will actively communicate with customers to understand customer production environment and habits, customized solutions according to customer needs. We always think from the perspective of the customer, and give the most suitable solution to the customer based on the actual situation. Relative to whether the customer is distressed or not, we believe that the actual production of the customer's factory is the factor we need to consider, such as: the factory's ventilation situation, the local country's temperature, the actual output, etc., these will affect the mold manufacturing process. 




    We will solve these actual problems by modifying some details of the mold, such as increasing the cooling system, increasing the cooling diameter, and formulating the number of holes according to the output.




    We are different from other companies who completely ignore the problems because they are only based on  customer’s drawings, not to the customer's requirements. Of course, these will only be carried out after reaching agreement with the  customer.


  • Q Considerations when negotiating prices with Chinese buyers

    A Fanstar will not do this, and will quote a reasonable price at the beginning. Our prices may not be the most favorable in the market, but our quality must be the most guaranteed, receiving orders is only the beginning of our production process and after-sales service is our focus.
  • Q Details to be aware of when dealing with Chinese buyers


    Many manufacturers will think that the contract is only a form, not only want to make a deal with you, but also want to be a friend with you in order to achieve a long-term relationship, but also in the name of friends to postpone the delivery period, public-private hybrid does not follow the contract, do not care about the legality of the contract. For the contract and delivery time, we believe that this is our commitment to our customers and a kind of trust. We will strictly implement any of the  provisions of the contract.




    Our cooperation with customers has always been based on the belief of long-term cooperation, never because of a single business and destroy our trust in customers' hearts.




    The marked mold delivery time is generally 35-45 days, but the actual delivery time is 3 months. It is very normal for other factories in recent years. But Fanstar delivery time is 30-45 days, and some molds can even be delivered within 30 days, because of our commitment to the customers.

  • Q How to choose the right Chinese mold manufacturer


    Large domestic mold factories have good internal control  systems, but they are not price competitive. In fact, small and  medium - sized factories will be more popular, but there is a drawback : the scale of the factory is small, the productivity is insufficient, the processing will be sent out, and the quality cannot be controlled.


    In response to the above problems, we will give the guests one by one to answer the questions.

  • Q Can foreigners find suitable suppliers for buying molds in China?

    a. Publicity and development on the Internet (such as Alibaba,    Made in China, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.).
    b. Through the annual exhibition, find more accurate and    effective customers.
    c. Develop customers via e-mail.




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