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Plastic Injection Molding Industry
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Plastic Injection Molding Industry

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Plastic Injection Molding Industry

The production of plastic products is first based on the development and design of plastic mold, plastic mold is a basic tool for the production of plastic products, the precision of the mold directly affects the structural integrity of plastic products and the accuracy of size.

Production of all kinds of plastic products are required to pass through plastic mold design and manufacturing, injection molding and surface treatment, including precision mould complex structure, high surface quality and technical standards, belongs to the technology and capital intensive products, production process need to application of high speed machining and super-finishing technology, rapid prototyping technology, automation control technology, polymer materials processing technology, etc., involving machinery, metal materials, polymer materials, chemical materials, electrical and electronic, automatic control and other fields, high technical comprehensive requirements.



Plastic products industry overview

Plastic is made of synthetic or natural high molecular compound as raw material, with plasticizer, filler, lubricant, injection molding agent and other additives as auxiliary components, under a certain temperature and pressure made of plastic materials and a small amount of solid materials.

Plastic has been widely used in modern society due to its light weight, strong plasticity, low manufacturing cost and wide functions.

At present, synthetic polymer materials have become an indispensable new material for human beings. Together with steel, wood and cement, they constitute four basic materials in modern society and are one of the basic materials supporting the development of modern society. They are widely used in information, energy, industry, agriculture, transportation and other fields of national economy.

In recent years, China's plastic products industry has developed rapidly and expanded in scale, 


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Mold manufacturing industry overview

Moulds are basic technological equipment made of plastic, rubber, metal, powder, glass, fiberglass and other materials by processing equipment. They belong to intermediate products in the production process and are used in the production of final products.

Mould processing is one of the important ways of material forming. Compared with mechanical processing, it has the advantages of less working procedure, high material utilization rate, low energy consumption, easy production and high efficiency. Therefore, it is widely used in the production of automobile, energy, machinery, electronics, information, aerospace industry and daily necessities.

At present, China's mold industry's largest market is the automobile industry, electronic information industry, home appliances and office equipment, machinery and building materials industry.

With the rapid development of China's national economy and the improvement of people's income level, the demand for automobiles, electronic consumer products, home appliances and so on keeps increasing, making these industries enter a stage of rapid development in recent years, which has become an important reason for the rapid development of China's mold industry.



Development trend of mold and plastic products industry

With the gradual transformation and upgrading of industrial structure, the increasing proportion of high-grade products and the continuous improvement of basic supporting service functions, the output growth of plastic products is slowing down but its value space is still large, the output value can maintain a high growth rate, it can be seen that the plastic processing industry is still in the rising stage.

As one of the indicators to measure the development level of a country's plastic industry, the ratio of plastic steel in China is only 30:70, less than the world average of 50:50, and further less than developed countries such as Germany's 63:37 and the United States of 70:30.

Therefore, with technological progress and consumption upgrading, China's plastic products industry will continue to develop steadily.

Mold industry belongs to the basic industry in the national economy, specifically involving machinery, automobile, light industry, electronics, chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials and other industries, the application range is very wide.

China's rapid industrial development, including automobile manufacturing, IT manufacturing and medical equipment development, the entire mold industry ushered in the development opportunities.

At present, China is in the transition period of industrial structure. The goal of the country for emerging industries is: by 2020, the added value of strategic emerging industries will account for about 15% of GDP.

In order to reach the target of 15%, high-end equipment manufacturing industry will be vigorously developed as the pillar industry of national economy in the future among the seven strategic emerging industries, and the mold industry, as the mother of modern industry, will benefit from the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry.




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