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What to prepare before opening the injection mold
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What to prepare before opening the injection mold

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What to prepare before opening the injection mold

In order to produce high-quality products, injection molds must be used in this case. Therefore, for the industry, not only the production process of the product, but also the production process of the mold is more important, so the mold opening work is very important. It is important to make adequate preparations before this, so what preparations need to be done? If you have friends who don't know what to do, you must read this article. This problem cannot be ignored.

  1. Confirm the product map

    This is a more important aspect. It is equivalent to those construction companies. Before starting a project, it is necessary to carefully compare the drawings and check whether there are errors in the annotations and dimensions of the drawings. Before the mold is opened, the designer and the The production personnel also need to make further confirmation of the product drawing, in order to prevent errors in the dimensions of the mold.

    1. Whether the material, material thickness, proportion, etc. are complete, and whether the dimensions and annotations are correct
    2. Whether the view is reasonable and complete, and whether there are repeated wrong labels, etc.
    3. Whether the size of the product matches the 3D drawing, and whether there is any interference or unreasonable dimensions between the views


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2. For special processes

1. Confirm whether to use special materials and special treatment, whether to press burrs, if there are other requirements, it must be marked with emphasis

2. If budding is required, then we must confirm the function of the budding hole, ensure which dimensions, and ensure that the structure must be suitable without interference

3. If there are sharp corners, we can clean them to ensure the mass production of the mold

4. If the product needs to be cut in half, what problems should be guaranteed?

5. If you want to open the continuous mold, you must determine whether there is a position of the material point, and what to do if there is no

6. When the product is formed and unfolded, can the small inner R angle be cleaned?


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3. Test and try out

When the mold opening work is completed, do not directly hand it to your own customers. You should first let the customers see if they are satisfied with the produced samples and whether they can achieve their ideal results, so that they can take them back and try to use them. Even better, if the desired effect can be achieved, mass production can be started according to the corresponding production method. If the standard for use is not met, the mold needs to be transformed at this time. Only in this way can the mold play an important role.




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