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What should I do if the mold product is always pulled?
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What should I do if the mold product is always pulled?

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What should I do if the mold product is always pulled?

I don’t know if your friends have encountered strain problems in the trial mold of tensile parts. Today, I will share some useful methods to solve them in this article.

It can be said that friends who are engaged in molds often see stretching products, but it will take a while to design such molds. After all, there may be some differences between the mold trial on site and the mold design.


The most common problem when trying out a tensile die is strain, so how can we prevent strain?

  1. Materials

    Some materials with special requirements need special treatment, such as: phosphating, spraying and other methods, which is to produce a film on the surface of the mold to prevent or reduce the problem of strain. This method is the most effective, but it is more expensive, so this method is not used much.


    2. Material structure

    The cost of using a protective film on the surface of the product is very high, so we use plastic film instead, and get a layer of PVC film, which is also a good method. For some small products, lubricating oil can be used to solve them.


3. Mold structure

When it comes to this, the editor can’t help but say that the previous methods can be said to have not completely solved the problem. The best way is to change the material and hardness of the mold concave and convex mold immediately if there is a problem of strain, or The product is titanium-plated and polished.

The change of the contact surface between the product material and the concave and convex die is essentially changed to eliminate the problem of strain. This is the best and most cost-effective way.




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