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What photovoltaic injection mold and processing difficulties
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What photovoltaic injection mold and processing difficulties

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What photovoltaic injection mold and processing difficulties

Photovoltaic injection mold is usually divided into solar panel mold, junction box mold and connector mold. Among them, solar panel mold is the main tool of solar panel production, its quality and design directly affect the efficiency and life of solar panel. Junction box dies and connector dies are mainly used to make connections between solar panels and other electrical appliances.

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The processing difficulties of photovoltaic injection mold

1. Material selection

Photovoltaic injection mold needs to meet the requirements of high precision, high strength, high toughness and high temperature wear resistance, so the selection of materials is very important. The commonly used materials include high temperature steel, high temperature alloy, nickel base alloy, etc., but these materials have high cost and processing difficulty.

2. Injection pressure

The injection pressure of photovoltaic injection mold is very high, because the precision of the solar panel mold is very high, and the size and shape of each solar panel need to be completely consistent. At the same time, solar panels need to bear large wind pressure and snow load in the process of use, so it is necessary to ensure that the product has a certain strength and toughness.

3. Avoid air holes

In the process of photovoltaic injection mold, the production of pores will seriously affect the quality and performance of the product. Especially in solar panels, pores can make the cells less efficient at generating electricity. Therefore, in the process of processing need to take effective exhaust measures to avoid the generation of pores.

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As a key manufacturing tool in photovoltaic industry, photovoltaic injection mold plays an important role and position. In view of its processing difficulties, reasonable selection of materials, optimization of injection molding process and the use of high quality processing equipment are effective ways to solve the problem. With the continuous development and innovation of technology, the processing difficulty of photovoltaic injection mold will be further reduced, and the quality and performance of products will be further improved.




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