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What is the role of injection mold inserts?
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What is the role of injection mold inserts?

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What is the role of injection mold inserts?

In the process of injection mold processing, inserts are often made in the mold. Many people are curious, what is this for? Injection mold inserts are also called inserts, which refer to mold accessories used to embed injection mold cores. In response to this problem, Fanshida will analyze why inserts are used in injection mold processing.


1. Saving materials

In the injection mold processing, the fixed material of the injection mold is a block steel with a relatively regular shape, but the material of the front and rear molds is determined by the height of z. The front mold and the back mold are the same. If one place is higher than other places, you can do Inserts to lower the height of the mold.

Injection mold processing


2. Conducive to mold exhaust

Exhaust is very important during the injection molding process. If the exhaust is not good, there will be trapped air in the mold cavity, especially in the relatively deep bone position. During the injection molding process, the product is prone to bubbles or shrinkage, lack of glue, and hair. White or black spots, so you can add inserts where the mold needs to be vented, and use the fitting gap of the inserts to exhaust.

3. It is convenient to change the mold.

Where the mold needs to be modified frequently, it can be disassembled to make inserts. When changing the mold, only the inserts can be replaced, and even several inserts can be replaced when the mold is opened, so that it is convenient to modify the mold.

Injection mold processing inserts


4. prolong life

Generally speaking, the place where the insert needs to be designed is usually the most easily damaged place in the mold. Once the insert is damaged, it can be replaced in time, which effectively prolongs the service life of the injection mold.


5. easy to process injection mold

Generally, there are some deep bones in the mold, and it is difficult to process the injection mold with a tool. Although EDM can be used, the speed is slow and the processing efficiency of the injection mold is low. Therefore, inserts are generally used to reduce the processing difficulty. The deep bone type saves the mold, because it is inconvenient to save the mold in the places where it must be saved, but it is much more convenient to open the insert in these places.




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