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What is the difference between injection mold and pressure mold
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What is the difference between injection mold and pressure mold

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What is the difference between injection mold and pressure mold

Injection mold and pressure mold are two common plastic molding molds, they have great differences in materials, design and molding process. Let's look at the differences in more detail.

First of all, materials. Injection moulds usually use plastic materials, while pressure moulds usually use metal materials. Plastic materials have the advantages of low cost, easy processing and recyclability, while metal materials have higher strength and corrosion resistance. Therefore, the selection of appropriate materials for mold design and manufacturing is very important.

Second, design. Injection moulds are usually simple because of their simple forming process. Design focus is to ensure the accuracy and stability of the mold, to ensure the quality and consistency of the product. The pressure plastic die is usually more complex, because their forming process is more complex. The design focus is to ensure that the mold can adapt to different product shapes and molding processes.


Again, the molding process. Injection moulds usually use an injection molding process, which allows products to be quickly formed and molded in different materials. In contrast, pressure-plastic molds usually use a pressure-plastic molding process, which allows the product to be formed in a smaller size and can be formed in different materials.

Finally, the application scenario. Injection molds are usually used to form small, lightweight products, such as electronic components, automotive parts, etc. And pressure plastic mold is usually used to form large, heavy products, such as home appliances, construction materials, etc.


In short, injection mold and pressure mold have their own characteristics, the choice of the appropriate mold type depends on the shape, size and molding process of the product and other factors. When choosing the mold, the requirements of the product, the characteristics of the material and the requirements of the molding process should be considered comprehensively.




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