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What is Precision Injection Molding?
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What is Precision Injection Molding?

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What is Precision Injection Molding?

Precision injection molding is a special injection molding production method, which requires the dimensional accuracy of plastic products produced by injection molding machine equipment to meet extremely high standards. Specifically, this accuracy can usually reach between 0.01~0.001mm, or even less. Precision injection molding is mainly used to manufacture products that require extremely high precision, such as aerospace components, automotive parts, precision instruments, sports equipment and testing tools.


Precision injection molds are a key part of the precision injection molding process, with high-quality materials, sufficient rigidity, and high dimensional accuracy, finish, and positioning accuracy between templates. In the manufacturing process, precision injection machine equipment is required, and the precision injection molding process is used to accurately control the mold temperature, molding cycle, part weight and molding production process.


The process of precision injection molding usually includes raw material preparation, plasticization process, injection molding process, packing and cooling, mold opening and demoulding steps. This process can produce products with high dimensional accuracy, small tolerance range and high repeatability, and its dimensional deviation is usually within 0.03mm, and some can even reach the micron level, and the weight deviation of the product is usually less than 0.7%.


In the automotive industry, electronic and electrical industry, medical equipment industry and household appliances industry, precision injection molds have been widely used. For example, the automotive industry requires high-quality, high-precision automotive parts, and precision injection molds can meet these requirements, and in the electronic and electrical industry, with the miniaturization, lightweight, and intelligence of products, the demand for high-precision parts is also growing, and precision injection molds play an important role in this.

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