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What factors affect the quality of auto mold parts and how to maintain them?
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What factors affect the quality of auto mold parts and how to maintain them?

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What factors affect the quality of auto mold parts and how to maintain them?

The quality of auto mold parts is affected by a combination of factors. Here are some of the main factors:

1. The rationality of the design of mold accessories: the designer needs to fully understand the user's requirements and working conditions, select the appropriate materials according to these requirements and environment, and ensure that the material die-casting performance meets the standards. In the design process, it is also necessary to pay attention to making the die-casting structure simple and the wall thickness appropriate and uniform, so as to avoid various defects on the casting.


2. Mold structure and processing accuracy: The unreasonable mold structure will lead to the difficulty of the product to qualify, and the processing accuracy of the mold accessories will directly affect the accuracy and density of the product. Factors such as surface roughness, processing marks, and small cracks in heat treatment may have a significant impact on the quality of mold parts. Mold material: The selection of mold material is directly related to the wear resistance and fracture resistance of mold accessories. Heat-resistant and wear-resistant mold materials can effectively improve the service life of mold accessories.

For the maintenance of auto mold parts, the following are some suggestions:

1. Regular cleaning: In a long-term and high-load working environment, impurities such as iron filings and powder may accumulate on the surface of mold accessories, which will affect the use effect. Therefore, it needs to be cleaned regularly and oiled with matching lubricating oil to keep it in good working condition.


Regular inspection: Regularly check the tightness of the screws and the degree of lubricating oil consumption of the mold accessories to ensure that all the accessories are in normal working condition. If there is a problem with the accessories, they should be repaired or replaced in time so as not to affect the accuracy and density of the manufactured products.


Proper use and maintenance: When using mold accessories, correct operating procedures should be followed to avoid damage to accessories caused by improper operation. At the same time, for accessories that require special maintenance, they should be maintained in accordance with the maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

According to different molding processes and product requirements, corresponding technical measures need to be taken to ensure that the size, shape and quality of molded products meet the requirements.




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