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What are the types of mold accessories | Fanshida
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What are the types of mold accessories | Fanshida

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What are the types of mold accessories | Fanshida

Mold accessories refers to the general term for metal accessories used exclusively in the mold industry for stamping mold plastic molds or FA automation equipment. Next, the editor will introduce the common types of mold accessories.

Classification of mold accessories: mold accessories can be divided into plastic mold accessories, hardware mold accessories, automobile mold embryos, stamping mold accessories.
Plastic mold accessories: cylinder, thimble, washer, cylinder, positioning beads, clamping buckle, limit clip, secondary ejection, guide post guide sleeve, inclined top device, air cap, positioning beads, and clamping buckle , Limit clip.
Hardware mold accessories: punches, concave dies, discharge feeders, pins, guide posts, guide sleeves, guide pins, etc.


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Stamping die accessories: H-type straight punch, A-type secondary punch, edge forming punch, K-type budding punch, B-type guide punch, A-type punch, punch, die, Guide pins, locating pins, punch guide sleeves, special-shaped punches, special-shaped concave dies, carbide square punches, forming punches and concave dies, special-shaped punches and dies, stamping die fixing blocks, ball locks Tight punches and dies, independent guide post components, die guide parts, self-lubricating slide plates, wedges and related parts, hooks, die storage parts, die coil springs, nitrogen gas springs, polyurethane springs, etc.


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The punching needle, also known as the punch, is a product that is installed on the stamping die and is connected to the punching and punching operation to separate or plastically deform the material to be processed. Punch is also called punch, male die, etc.

From the point of view of technology, it can be divided into standard series and non-standard series: standard series are more commonly used: standard parts thimble, cylinder, limit clip, side lock, etc. (called non-standard parts) The main non-standard parts used are needle cores, precision copper gears, screw electrodes, pen model cores, cosmetic parts, precision inserts, precision gear racks, precision round tips, die needles, molding Inserts, beryllium copper cores, SKH51 / SKD61 series cylinder thimble mold parts, etc.

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