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What are the plastic mold accessories
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What are the plastic mold accessories

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Plastic mold accessories mainly include punches, concave dies, bushings, round bars, floating pins, floating pins, stop screws, fixed pins, contour sleeves, guide posts, guide sleeves, inner guide post components, and mold bases Sliding guide post assemblies, ball guide post assemblies for die bases, detachable ball guide post assemblies, outer guide post assemblies, cages, independent guide posts, hexagon screws, contour screws, etc. Below are some of the most important ones.

Punch: Punch is also called punch, upper die, male die, punch, etc., and punch is divided into A-type punch, T-type punch, special-shaped punch. The punch is a metal part installed on the stamping die, which is used for direct contact with the material to deform and cut the material.

Concave mold: The concave mold, also known as the cavity, is the main part of the outer surface of the molded plastic part. It can be installed on the fixed die or on the movable die.

Bushing: The bushing is a matching part used outside the mechanical parts to achieve sealing, wear protection and other functions, and refers to the ring sleeve that acts as a gasket. In the field of valve applications, the bushing is inside the valve cover, and corrosion-resistant materials such as PTFE or graphite are generally used for sealing.

Fixed pin: The mold positioning pin is mainly used between the screws fastened between the two parts to ensure the accuracy of the position. Mainly used for assembly positioning, and can also be used as overload shear connection in connection and relaxation level safety devices. The basic forms are cylindrical pins and tapered pins. The fixed pin is also called the positioning pin.

Guide post: The guide post is a guide element used in combination with components in the mold to ensure that the mold moves with accurate positioning and guides the stroke of the mold. It is generally cylindrical with shoulders, and generally has an oil groove.

Cage: Cage (ie, bearing cage, also known as bearing cage), refers to the bearing parts that partially wrap all or part of the rolling elements and move with them, to isolate the rolling elements, and usually guide the rolling elements and make them remain in the bearing.

The above is the description of plastic mold accessories, and the main mold accessories are also introduced in detail. I believe that there is a relatively brief understanding of plastic mold accessories. If you have any questions about molds, you can consult us at any time.




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