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What are the medical device molds-Fanstar
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What are the medical device molds-Fanstar

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What are the medical device molds-Fanstar

A large amount of plastic is used in medical devices. Most of its production methods are injection molding.

Therefore, it can be said that a considerable part of medical devices requires the use of molds in the production.

Representative plastic medical devices are shown below.

1. Syringe (needle): PP, PE

2. The plunger of the syringe: PP

3. Pipette tips: PP

4. Conduit: PVC, PC

5. Blood collection tube: PC

6. Petri dish: PS


Depending on the application, only plastic materials that meet the quality standards of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare are permitted to be used in medical devices. Only resin materials that can withstand sterilization and sterilization treatment by ultraviolet radiation and gamma radiation, and have passed clinical trials such as human blood coagulation reactions and allergic reactions, can be used.


In addition, since they are basically single-use, it is necessary to use materials that do not easily cause environmental damage in the combustion process.

It is recommended to use materials that are not easy to rust. Therefore, stainless steel or ion plating, hard chrome plating and other treatment methods are often used in the mold structure to prevent corrosion of the cavity and core.

In addition, valve gate molds are also used for mass-produced molded products.

If burrs are formed around the molded product, it will lead to poor quality. Therefore, measures such as precise positioning guides on the movable side and fixed side are required to prevent abnormal wear of the core pins of the fitting structure.

In order to keep the quality of the molded parts stable, the temperature control mechanism of the cavity and the core needs to be carefully designed, so attention must be paid to the structure of the cooling circuit and heat pipe. For molds such as syringe barrels, the cooling structure in the core is very important.

Removal of gas adhering to the mold surface is also a critical point of quality control. To this end, an exhaust setting and a forced air intake structure are employed.

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