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What are the manufacturing processes of electronic plastic shells?
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What are the manufacturing processes of electronic plastic shells?

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What are the manufacturing processes of electronic plastic shells?

Electronic plastic shell manufacturing process

The enclosure of electronic equipment is an important part of protecting internal circuitry and components. It must not only look and feel good, but also meet the functional and safety needs of electronic devices. Therefore, the manufacturing process of electronic plastic enclosures is very critical. The following will introduce several common electronic plastic shell manufacturing processes.


The injection molding process is a common method for making electronic plastic enclosures. It mainly works by injecting molten plastic material into the mold, and then cooling and curing to finally get the shell of the desired shape. Injection molding has the following steps:


Design the mold: According to the shape and size of the shell, the mold is designed and processed.

Molten plastic: Plastic pellets are placed in an injection molding machine and converted into a molten state by hot melt and high pressure.

Injection into the mold: Inject the molten plastic into the chamber of the mold, taking care to control the injection time and injection pressure.

Cooling and curing: After the plastic is cooled and solidified in the mold, the mold can be opened and the finished shell can be taken out.

The injection molding process can produce electronic enclosures with complex shapes and fine structures, making them suitable for high-volume production.


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