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What are the main factors that affect the life of the mold?
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What are the main factors that affect the life of the mold?

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What are the main factors that affect the life of the mold?

A set of high-quality injection molds, the service life is an important factor to judge it, but any object has a certain service life, injection molds are no exception, the service life of injection molds is affected by many factors, only if it is completely Understanding, can produce molds that last longer. The factors that affect the life of injection molds are as follows:

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1: Influence of pressing process and die design and measures to improve die life. For example, the thickness tolerance of raw materials does not meet the requirements, the material properties fluctuate and the quality is poor, etc.
2: The nesting method and the edge rubbing value have a great influence on the life of the mold. The unnecessary reciprocating feeding nesting method and the too small edge value are often the important reasons for the sharp wear of the mold. The shape, clearance and fillet radius of the concave and convex die not only have a great influence on the forming of stamping parts, but also have a great influence on the wear of the die.

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3: The influence of the material of the mold, the influence of the material properties of the mold and the quality of the heat treatment on the life of the mold is one of the most important factors affecting the life of the mold.
4: The influence of mold thermal processing and surface strengthening
5: The influence of the process in the mold processing, the surface roughness of the processed mold determines the service life of the mold, so the processing technology should be reasonably selected according to the conditions of the parts.
6: Influencing factors and measures of mold design
The first is to ensure that the mold can produce products that meet the requirements of the drawings when it is used for extrusion.
The second is to ensure its mechanical properties according to the working environment and process conditions of the mold.
The third is to choose the appropriate mold structure and material. If the mold design parameters are improperly selected and the material selection is not appropriate, the product qualification is unilaterally pursued and the mechanical properties of the mold are ignored, which will easily lead to early failure of the mold or shorten the service life.

Only by understanding these factors that affect the life of the mold can we achieve a more refined effect in daily manufacturing and produce molds with longer service life.




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