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What are the key points of mold design in injection molding?
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What are the key points of mold design in injection molding?

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What are the key points of mold design in injection molding?

Injection molding is one of the commonly used processes in the production of plastic products, and mold design is a key part of injection molding processing. Good mold design can ensure the quality, accuracy and production efficiency of the product. This article will introduce the key points of mold design in injection molding, including product design considerations, mold structure design, material selection and cooling system design.


1. Product design considerations

1. Plastic fluidity consideration: Before the mold design, the fluidity of the plastic needs to be considered. Different plastics have different fluidity, and it is necessary to select the appropriate injection machine and mold structure according to the specific plastic material to ensure that the plastic can fully flow and fill the mold cavity.

2. Wall thickness uniformity: When designing products, the wall thickness of the product should be kept as uniform as possible, and areas that are too thick or too thin should be avoided. Uniform wall thickness helps to improve the structural strength of the product and the stability of the injection molding process.


Second, the mold structure design

1. Mold material selection: according to the requirements of the product and the use environment, select the appropriate mold material. Common mold materials are tool steel, cemented carbide and stainless steel. The selection of mold materials should consider factors such as the hardness, wear resistance, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance of the material.

2. Rationality of mold structure: The rationality of mold structure is crucial to the success of injection molding. The mold structure should be simple, easy to process and maintain, and at the same time have sufficient rigidity and stability. Overly complex structures and components should be avoided to reduce production costs and improve production efficiency.


3. Cooling system design

1. Setting of cooling channel: In the design of the mold, the cooling channel should be reasonably set to ensure that the plastic can be cooled quickly and evenly. The location and number of cooling channels should be reasonably arranged according to the shape of the product, the wall thickness and the hot spot location during the injection process.

2. Selection of cooling medium: Choose the appropriate cooling medium, such as cooling water or oil, to provide sufficient cooling effect. The temperature and flow rate of the cooling medium should be determined according to the requirements of the product and the heat calculation of the injection process.




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