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What are the factors that cause the product burr cloak?
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What are the factors that cause the product burr cloak?

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What are the factors that cause the product burr cloak?

The so-called cloak is the burr formed by the extrusion of the plastic from the parting surface and the gap of the mold under the injection pressure during injection molding. The problem is generally two sides. , One is the pressure, the other is the gap, the cloak will be reduced if the pressure and gap problems are solved.

one. How to reduce product injection pressure
Injection pressure includes injection pressure and holding pressure, and holding time is also an important parameter. How to reduce the pressure and shorten the dwell time? The following is a separate analysis of each influencing factor, step by step to find out the problem, and solve the problem.


1. Influencing factors of product structure
The thickness of the product is as uniform as possible. It is common sense that the thinner the product, the higher the pressure. Some products will inevitably have thinner areas. It is necessary to consider increasing the exhaust, increasing the auxiliary plastic flow channel, increasing the gate and other methods to improve the pressure.


2. Influencing factors of the glue feeding scheme
The injection scheme of the mold is an important factor affecting the injection pressure. If the gate design is too large or the injection pressure is too much, it will reduce the injection pressure, but it will increase the cost of injection molding waste and gate processing, so it is necessary to balance the two aspects. Some principles of gate design, mold design technicians must grasp well


3. Influencing factors of mold exhaust
The influence of mold exhaust on injection products is very large. There is an article on my platform dedicated to the importance of mold exhaust. You can read it in detail. The influence of mold exhaust on injection speed and pressure is very large.




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