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What are the factors that affect product deformation, do you know?
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What are the factors that affect product deformation, do you know?

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What are the factors that affect product deformation, do you know?

In the process of injection mold development, product deformation is the number one problem that plagues mold and injection molding personnel. Because there are many factors that affect the deformation of injection molded products, it is very difficult to solve. Engineers and technicians often can't find the real reason, resulting in repeated modification of the mold and repeated attempts to use different methods to improve product deformation. We must first analyze the real reasons that affect product deformation. Only when all aspects of the influencing factors are considered, can the product deformation problem be improved to the greatest extent.


1. Product structure

Among the factors affecting product deformation, product structure design has the greatest impact. Product structure design engineers do not necessarily have mold injection experience. They only consider the structural practicability of the product. At this time, our mold technicians need to participate in the evaluation in the early stage. On this basis, rationalization suggestions are made to avoid subsequent injection molding product deformation. The structural design has the following main types of product deformation:

1. The design of the product's meat thickness is uneven, the wall thickness varies greatly, and there is no reasonable transition between the thickness and the thin part;

2. The product structure itself has poor stability, and there are many bending and asymmetric geometric shapes;

3. The design of the product stiffeners is uneven, and the unreasonable causes the product to shrink unbalanced;

4. The position and wall thickness of the product BOSS column are unreasonable.


2.The impact of plastic materials

The greater the material shrinkage, the greater the possibility of product deformation. When designing products with high deformation requirements, it is necessary to select materials with a small shrinkage rate as much as possible, or add additives to reduce the shrinkage rate.

3. Mold structure design
The main factors that affect the product deformation of mold design are as follows:

1. In the design of the gating system, the selection of the gate position is very important. The gate should be designed in the thicker area of the product as much as possible, so that the plastic flow can flow from the thicker area to the thinner area, which can effectively avoid the deformation of the product.
2. Mold cooling system design, mold cooling system design is also a major factor affecting product deformation. The design of waterway should be balanced, and the deformation of the product during balanced cooling is minimal.
3. The design of the mold mechanism, such as the side core structure such as the large-area slider and the inclined pin of the product, also needs to design the waterway to ensure uniform cooling, and the side ejection mechanism should be designed during the movement of the mechanism to avoid the product being pulled and deformed.


The factors that affect product injection deformation are nothing more than the above, but each item is a great knowledge, and each item can be taken out as a subject.




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