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What are the difficulties of PEEK precision mold opening?
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What are the difficulties of PEEK precision mold opening?

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What are the difficulties of PEEK precision mold opening?

PEEK is a high performance thermoplastic with excellent mechanical properties and chemical stability. It has been widely used in automobile, electronics, medical and other fields. PEEK precision die is an important tool for the production of PEEK products. The difficulties in opening die mainly focus on the following aspects:


1. High temperature and high pressure: the processing temperature of PEEK is relatively high, usually above 300℃, and injection molding under high pressure is also required. Therefore, the manufacturing and processing accuracy of the mold is very high, the need to use high strength, high precision, high heat resistance of the material.

2. Strong adhesion: PEEK has strong adhesion, which is easy to stick to the mold surface during the molding process, resulting in defects or deformation on the surface of products. Therefore, it is necessary to use special surface treatment technology, such as coating, to enhance the anti-adhesion of the die surface.

3. High precision requirements: PEEK products have high dimensional accuracy and surface finish requirements, which requires the design and manufacturing accuracy of the mold to reach a very high level. In the mold opening, the position and size of each part need to be accurately controlled and adjusted to ensure that the accuracy of the mold meets the requirements.

4. Long cycle time: PEEK products are usually formed as a whole, and the mold structure is relatively complex, coupled with the requirements of high precision and high heat resistance, resulting in a long manufacturing cycle of the mold. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably arrange the mold manufacturing schedule to ensure that the mold development cycle and quality are effectively controlled.


PEEK precision mold opening has higher technical difficulty and complexity. In the specific die opening process, it is necessary to consider the influence of various factors to ensure the quality and accuracy of the die meet the requirements, so as to produce PEEK products that meet the requirements.




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