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What are the characteristics of medical product molds
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What are the characteristics of medical product molds

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What are the characteristics of medical product molds

There are many parts and components on medical products, and the plastic shell and plastic accessories are indispensable. With the continuous improvement of medical level, people have new demands for medical products, and medical products are faced with the urgent need for upgrading. In order to meet the With the increasing medical demand, the quality and level of medical product design are also constantly improving, showing a development trend of humanization, intelligence and diversification. So what are the characteristics of plastic molds for medical products?

  1. Simple and beautiful appearance design

    Simple and beautiful is the basic requirement of modern medical product design. Strive to be concise in all aspects of medical products, and should be concise in product shape, color, material and craftsmanship.

  2. Precision

Generally, for medical precision mold designers, it is also particularly important to grasp the dimensional accuracy of plastic parts and mold dimensional accuracy.


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3. Easy to operate and maintain

In the design of medical products, in addition to the simplicity and beauty of the appearance, considering the different cognitive abilities of users, the operation interface should be easy to understand and remember, with a high degree of safety and usability. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure that the product is durable, easy to use and maintain.

4. high quality, high level

In order to meet the needs of modern medical care, the design of medical products is also constantly optimized to meet the ever-increasing medical needs. Not only should the appearance be concise and friendly, but also better services should be provided for patients during use. Make it easier for medical staff to operate.


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5. Special materials

Special materials, special structures, and high dimensional accuracy are required. The product is non-toxic, and the finish is higher than the general mold requirements!

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