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What are the advantages of multi-cavity plastic molds?
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What are the advantages of multi-cavity plastic molds?

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What are the advantages of multi-cavity plastic molds?

Multi-cavity plastic mold means that the number of cavities is greater than one. We usually also say that one mold has several cavities, and multiple identical or different injection molding products can be completed simultaneously in a set of plastic molds. Generally, the design of one mold and two cavities is mostly based on the consideration of subsequent injection molding capacity, and some are also based on product structure or mold structure.


 Multi-cavity plastic mold

So its outstanding advantages are:

1 Multi-cavity plastic mold. It can greatly improve the production capacity of injection products. According to personal experience, it can generally increase the production capacity by 60-80% (relative to 1*1 mold), reduce production costs and improve production efficiency;

2. Due to product structure problems (such as the small structure of plastic parts, etc.), the design is 1*2, because when the product is injection molded, the glue can be removed smoothly and the quality of injection molded parts can be improved.


When we have a project that requires plastic injection molded parts, the first thing we need to do is to find a plastic mold manufacturer to make the molds and molded parts, but before we start we need to make a rough estimate of the injection molding cost and plastic mold cost as well as Cost control, here are some cost-saving suggestions for you.


Making multi-cavity plastic molds can control the unit cost of plastic product molding. For example, the production cost of a 160-ton injection molding machine is 8 yuan per mold. If an 8-cavity mold is used to produce parts, then the production cost of each part is 1 If you only use a 2 cavity mold to produce parts for this machine, the unit production cost is 4 yuan, if you need a million or more parts, you can imagine how much cost you can save from an 8 cavity mold, This is why multi-cavity plastic molds are so popular with customers.




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