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What are the advantages and disadvantages of hot runner molds
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of hot runner molds

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Compared with the cold runner mold, the hot runner mold has its significant advantages. This is the main reason why the hot runner mold has more advantages, but there are advantages and disadvantages. Everything has two sides. Let's talk about heat flow What are the advantages and disadvantages of Dao Mould.

Advantages of hot runner mold

1. Reduce waste, improve product quality, reduce product deformation, and improve product appearance;

2. Improve productivity and realize automatic production; eliminate subsequent processes, without trimming gates and recycling and processing cold runners.

3. Expand and improve the consistency and balance of the product; the plastic can flow into each mold cavity in a more uniform and consistent state.

4. Shorten the molding cycle of the part, there is no cooling time limit, and the part can be ejected after it is formed.

5. It is very suitable for the use of multi-cavity molds. The molding cycle of thin-walled parts produced by many hot runner molds can be less than 5 seconds.

6. Provide more processing control for precise adjustment of the injection molding process.


Disadvantages of hot runner mold

1. Hot runner molds are relatively complex and require high equipment. The hot runner mold needs precision machining machinery to guarantee, and the integration and cooperation requirements of the hot runner system and the mold are extremely strict.

2. Improper use of hot runner accessories is easy to damage, and the replacement cost is high. For new users of hot runner molds, improper operation will cause huge economic losses and require long-term experience accumulation.

3. The hot runner system will cause leakage. For example, if the plastic sealing is not good, the plastic overflow will damage the hot runner components and interrupt the production.


As these shortcomings of hot runner molds will be gradually overcome, hot runner molds will be more widely used. The advantages and disadvantages of hot runner molds have been made clear to everyone. Whether the hot runner mold is better or the cold runner mold is better, it depends on your own needs. In short, the best mold is the one that suits you.




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