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What You Should Know About Our Quality Inspection~~~~
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What You Should Know About Our Quality Inspection~~~~

Views: 79     Author: Jin, Huang     Publish Time: 2020-09-25      Origin: FANSTAR

What You Should Know About Our Quality Inspection~~~~


Dear Customers,

    I am the QC Engineer from Fanstar, my name is Jin, Huang. Today, I will take you to have a brief understanding of our company's existing testing equipment and some testing standard methods, so that you can have a certain understanding and rest assured of our company's quality.


    Our company mainly produces mold and mold parts. We will not relax in this aspect of testing, because quality is the survival of the enterprise. We have professional 2D measuring instrument, digital and mechanical hardometer, height gauge, vernier caliper and so on, to ensure the smooth production and manufacturing, further to zero defect development, to protect your products. Let me show you our testing equipment and some standard methods.


2D Measuring Instrument

    Professional image measuring instrument precision to 0.001, high-definition imaging picture, so as to ensure that the size of the product can achieve the best matching effect, equipped with many years experienced QC engineer, so that the production can be more smooth.


Digital / Mechanical Hardometer

    When the steel materials and accessories return to the factory, we will conduct hardness test at the first time to make it meet the hardness standard of the product within our control. Currently, the hardness and steel commonly used in the company are as follows:

SKD61  HRC48-52

S136    HRC48-53

718H   HRC33-35

P20     HRC28-32

Height Gauge

    The depth detection equipment for mold parts and the marble table ensure that the height gauge does not shake and improve the accuracy. We will use the equipment to control the size that needs to be controlled.

Vernier Caliper

    All kinds of calipers, micrometers, height rulers and calibration tables are available in our company, which guarantee the size OK and the smooth assembly, and achieve the best results within a certain period of delivery.

      Our company takes quality as the basis, and all personnel participate in the work and keep learning and improving. All kinds of instruments and equipment are used to supervise the size of the products all the time, in order to provide customers with better services and satisfactory products.




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