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Treatment method and temperature control for lack of plastic in injection mold
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Treatment method and temperature control for lack of plastic in injection mold

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Treatment method and temperature control for lack of plastic in injection mold

Lack of glue in plastic parts of plastic injection mold is a common phenomenon in the process of plastic injection molding. Lack of glue will not only affect the appearance, but also affect the use of normal functions of plastic parts. If the mold temperature is unstable in the process of plastic injection molding, the quality of plastic injection parts will be unstable and the defect rate will be high. Therefore, the treatment method and temperature control of plastic injection mold are particularly important.

The main reasons for the lack of glue in the process of plastic injection molding are: 1. In terms of mold structure, there may be poor exhaust, too thin glue, abnormal mold temperature and other problems; 2. 2. In the aspect of injection parts, there may be problems such as screw wrapping, abnormal temperature, plugging of nozzle, etc.; 3. In the aspect of plastic injection molding process, there are problems in the setting of injection molding parameters.


Plastic injection molding process is relatively complex. Need to be divided into two injection molding, so the temperature control of the rubber mold is particularly important.

1. In the design stage of injection mold, the influence of temperature on injection molding should be fully considered. When the injection weight of the mold is small but the size of the cladding mold is large, the heat transfer in the mold structure is very important. It is necessary to ensure that the flow path of the cooling liquid of the cladding mold should be as stable as possible.

2. The actual temperature of the contact molten material on the surface of the injection mold can be measured by holding a thermometer or the thermocouple in the mold. It should be noted that the thermometer should be measured at multiple positions rather than one position on each surface, and then the temperature control system should be modified to adjust the temperature of the cladding mold to the level required for injection molding.

3. For injection moulds with high precision and strict appearance requirements, it is recommended to choose a higher temperature of cladding mould. For those with low technical requirements, it is recommended to choose a lower temperature of cladding mould in order to reduce production costs.


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