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Transparent parts injection molding manufacturing supplier
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Transparent parts injection molding manufacturing supplier

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Transparent parts injection molding manufacturing supplier

Transparent injection molded parts are widely used in many fields, including automotive, medical, packaging, consumer goods, etc., to find us to produce transparent parts injection molding processing and manufacturing, customers come thousands of miles to see the purpose of the factory: to confirm and evaluate the molding process risk of the upper shell parts, prevent in advance, specify solutions in advance, improve the reliability of product production, yield rate, the following we will introduce to you the application field of transparent parts injection molded parts and transparent parts injection mold suppliers


Automotive: Clear plastics are used to make various parts of vehicles, such as lamp covers, dashboards, and other transparent components. Not only do these materials provide design freedom, but they also help reduce vehicle weight and improve fuel efficiency.

Medical industry: In the medical field, transparent plastics are used in the manufacture of medical devices, pharmaceutical packaging, syringes, etc. These applications require materials with good weather, solvent, and chemical resistance to ensure safety and hygiene.


Transparent injection molded parts are used in the packaging industry: Clear plastics are widely used in the packaging industry, especially in food and cosmetics packaging. They provide a lightweight, durable, and unbreakable alternative to glass, while also protecting the product from external environments such as UV rays.


Because of its unique physical and chemical properties, transparent injection molded parts play an important role in modern industry and daily life, common transparent parts materials are PC, PMMA, PS, PETG, etc., transparent parts have certain requirements for injection molding processing manufacturers, to eliminate silver veins and bubbles.

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