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The process and type of cold flow injection mould are introduced
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The process and type of cold flow injection mould are introduced

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The process and type of cold flow injection mould are introduced

Cold runner injection molding process refers to the part between the mold entrance and the product gate. Plastic in the flow channel by injection pressure and its own heat to maintain the flow state, the flow channel as a part of the molding material, but does not belong to the product. Cold runner mold is also called traditional mold, and hot runner than there is no heating device, the material in the runner, the back to cool demoulding.

Cold flow injection mold, according to the template structure to be divided into: two plate die, three plate die; Other common mold: two - color mold, flip mold.

The advantages of two plate die: two plate die is the most common, its structure is simple, diverse forms, convenient maintenance. Two plate mold gate forms include direct feeding, side gate (rectangular, fan-shaped), latent gate, horn gate, lap gate, etc

Disadvantages of two plates:

In addition to the latent type and the horn type, the two plate molds need to be processed to remove the gate.


Three plate die is in the process of opening the mold is not separated, but the first dial plate and the mother template separated, the dial plate will be removed from the product head, and then the male and female die separate, the product out of the mold of two plate die some deformation, can also be applied in three plate die, but the mold is relatively complex. A deformation of the three-plate die is applied in combination with the runner of the two-plate die.

Advantages of three plate mold:

Three plate mold gate form only point gate. The three - plate mold leaves small gate marks on the product. Can be traceless molded three - plate mold gate without additional removal.

Disadvantages of three plate mold:

Three plate mold runner is longer, need longer cooling time, that is, need longer molding cycle. Three plate die consumes much material. The three-plate mold is relatively complex in structure.

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