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The mutual development of gel pen brand owners and pen mold manufacturers
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The mutual development of gel pen brand owners and pen mold manufacturers

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The mutual development of gel pen brand owners and pen mold manufacturers

1. Gel pen brand owners and pen mold suppliers

In China, the market for gel pens started late, but it is growing rapidly. In the mid-90s, Ningbo Beifa Company began to use imported nibs, inks and floating resin to successfully mass-produce gel pens, and its products are mainly sold abroad. Subsequently, Zhencai, Chenguang and other powerful pen companies have also begun to produce gel pens. Founded in 1990, True Color was the first brand to introduce Japanese gel pens to China, and when Chenguang was founded in 1999, China had become the world's largest producer of gel pens. With the continuous expansion of the gel pen market and the intensification of competition, Chinese gel pen brands are also constantly innovating and developing. Some brands are starting to focus on product design and personalization to meet the diverse needs of consumers. , pen mold manufacturers provide gel pen brands with quality molds, which is essential for gel pen production and quality. The design and manufacturing level of the mold directly affects the appearance, feel, durability and other aspects of the gel pen. Find a pen mold that can work well with you to quickly complete the delivery of pen molds to meet your rapid mass production needs. Find us Dongguan Fanstar Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Fanstar)


2. Why do you want to find FANSTAR for pen molds?

The relationship between gel pen brand owners and pen mold suppliers is close and important. First of all, pen mold suppliers play a key role in the production process of gel pen brands. They are responsible for designing, manufacturing, and supplying molds for the production of gel pens. The quality, precision, and durability of these molds have a direct impact on the appearance, performance, and production cost of gel pens. Therefore, gel pen brands usually establish long-term cooperative relationships with experienced and technologically advanced pen mold suppliers to ensure product quality and production efficiency.


FANSTAR has strong professionalism, high-quality service and high cost performance. FANSTAR's mission is to master the core technology of injection molding production, from the finished product production needs and customers to do pre-mold production technical exchange and analysis, so that the mold delivery time is short, the life is long, the rapid mass production and the finished product quality is excellent. They focus on communicating with their customers, understanding and meeting their needs in order to provide high-quality services. We are committed to achieving a win-win situation with customers, which can not only deliver pen molds to customers with quality and quantity, but also ensure their stable and rapid development.


3. Recognition of Fan Shida by gel pen brands

The design and manufacture of Fanstar pen molds involves knowledge and technology in many fields, including material science, mechanical manufacturing, mold design, etc. Suppliers with strong technical capabilities are able to better understand the needs of brand owners and provide customized solutions to drive innovation and development of gel pen products. Competitive prices and excellent service are provided to achieve a win-win situation. Customer satisfaction is the only criterion for testing the quality of our mold products. Fan Shida people will always maintain an original intention to help customers solve problems, serve every customer who chooses well, and live up to every support and trust.




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