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The manufacture and application of photovoltaic connector mold
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The manufacture and application of photovoltaic connector mold

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The manufacture and application of photovoltaic connector mold

Photovoltaic connector mold is an important photovoltaic module, which can provide the connection function between the solar panel and the bus box. This connector mold not only has high electrical performance and reliable connection performance, but also has good waterproof and corrosion resistance.

In the process of making a photovoltaic connector mold, you need to select the appropriate materials, tools, and equipment. Typically, PV connector molds are made of high-quality plastic materials such as PA66 and are equipped with metal parts such as copper terminals, pins, and jacks. In the production process, we need to design the shape and size of the mold first, and then use CNC machining machine for processing. The specific process is as follows:


Design mold shape and size, determine required materials, tools and equipment;

Use CNC machining machine for processing, including milling, drilling, cutting and other steps;

Assemble the pins and copper terminals so that they can be connected to the photovoltaic module;

Perform electrical performance test and waterproof performance test to ensure the quality of connector mold.

Photovoltaic connector molds have many advantages. First of all, its molding effect is good, can meet the connection needs of various photovoltaic modules; Second, high production efficiency, can greatly reduce production costs; Finally, long service life, not easy to damage. It is because of these advantages that photovoltaic connector molds are widely used in photovoltaic modules such as solar panels and wind turbines.


For example, in solar panel applications, photovoltaic connector molds can provide a reliable connection function that allows the panels to efficiently collect solar energy and convert it into electricity. In wind turbines, photovoltaic connectors can be used to connect components such as blades and converters to make them work properly.

With the continuous development of the new energy industry, the demand for photovoltaic connector molds is also increasing. In the future, with the continuous emergence of new technologies and the continuous expansion of new markets, photovoltaic connector molds will have more extensive applications.




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