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The main points of mold design of injection peek material are introduced
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The main points of mold design of injection peek material are introduced

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The main points of mold design of injection peek material are introduced

Injection mold design is an important step in the production process of plastic products, but the use of peek material for injection mold design is more challenging and complex. This article will introduce the importance, background, process and key points of injection molding peek material mold design, as well as a successful case study to help readers better understand and apply the knowledge learned.

First, let's take a look at peek materials. peek material is a high performance thermoplastic material with excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance, widely used in electronic, automotive, medical instruments and other fields. Due to the special properties of peek material, higher techniques and skills are needed in injection mold design.


In the design of injection peek material molds, the following procedures and points are usually followed:

1. Research before design: understand product requirements and process parameters, including injection pressure, speed, pressure holding and time, etc., to provide reference for subsequent mold design.

2. Choose a reasonable mold structure: due to the high performance and particularity of peek material, it is necessary to choose appropriate mold materials and structure to ensure the life of the mold and the quality of the product.

3. Analysis of the molding of the product: through the analysis of the size, shape, wall thickness and other factors of the product, determine the parting line of the mold and gate design.

4. Optimize runner and gate system: select reasonable gate size and quantity to balance filling time and pressure, optimize runner design and improve product quality and production efficiency.

5. Verification and improvement: verify and improve the mold by testing and testing the quality of the product to ensure the stability and production efficiency of the product.


We will further illustrate the process and key points of injection peek material mold design through a successful case study. This case involves the design of an injection mold for an automobile component. In the design, peek materials were used and a hot runner system was used to achieve better filling and molding results. By optimizing the gate and runner system, we have successfully improved product quality and production efficiency. At the same time, in the process of mold trial continuous verification and improvement, finally realized the successful production of the mold.

Injection peek material mold design is a complex and critical work. The injection molding production of peek material can be realized successfully through the reasonable grasp and application of the process and key points. With the development of technological progress and innovation, our injection mold design will continue to progress and improve, to bring us more surprises and innovative products.




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