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The influence of plastic mold quality on injection molding production
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The influence of plastic mold quality on injection molding production

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The influence of plastic mold quality on injection molding production

The purpose of mold design and manufacturing is to produce high-efficiency and high-quality mass production of injection molded parts, to produce high-quality plastic parts, first of all, the mold is good, a good set of plastic molds is not only good-looking, want to do a good set of high-quality, high-level, high-precision plastic molds, from the following aspects

1. The smoothness of the injection surface of the mold

The polishing of the mold surface is very important, which is one of the most important links that determines the success or failure of mold manufacturing. The surface of the mold is not smooth enough, the surface is uneven, and the surface of the injection molded plastic parts will have skin lines and sand particles. In addition to the selection of mold steel, the personnel, time and technology of grinding will have an impact on the polishing mirror effect, and a professional mold polishing master is required, and the experience must be particularly rich to accurately grasp the polishing time and ensure the effect of the mold mirror polishing.


2. The accuracy of the mold

The accuracy of the mold determines the dimensional accuracy of the plastic parts, and the mold manufacturing must first have the conditions for high-precision measurement, such as the two-dimensional detector, the three-dimensional detector and other testing instruments, and the object imaging principle is used to accurately calculate the size and spatial position of the object, which can detect the difference of 0.02mm and accurately measure the product size and injection volume.


3. The fit of the mold production on the mold

Although there are certain operating standards in the mold industry, there will be slight differences in the mold and injection molding of different mold manufacturers, such as mold opening and injection molding are not the same manufacturer, due to the different mechanical equipment and production methods of each manufacturer, there will be risks in production, which affects product quality and production efficiency, in order to reduce this risk, it is generally better to choose to open mold and injection molding in the same manufacturer, from mold opening to injection molding processing manufacturers can control themselves, and problems can be solved in time.


With its superb technology and rich experience, Fanshida Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. enjoys a high reputation in the field of injection mold processing. It has a professional technical team with deep industry knowledge and excellent technical strength. In terms of injection mold professional technology, we have advanced equipment and technology, which can carry out high-precision grinding processing to ensure the accuracy and surface quality of the mold. Pay attention to the standardization and intelligent application of the production process, and realize the comprehensive standardized management from design to manufacturing, processing, testing and other links. The introduction of advanced production equipment and testing instruments provides a strong guarantee for the accuracy and quality of the mold.




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