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The difference between injection molding and other plastic molding
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The difference between injection molding and other plastic molding

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The difference between injection molding and other plastic molding

Injection molding is the most popular of all plastic molding processes. Injection molding is characterized by the mass production of complex shapes of products, typical molding products are camera bodies, keyboard caps and electronic products such as plastic cases. Other plastic forming are compression forming, calendering forming, blow molding and extrusion forming.

Compression molding is a common method of thermosetting resin molding, is to put the thermosetting resin into the heated mold, one side of the mold and pressure melting, so as to form the molding product. Typical molding products: tableware, basin.

Calendering molding is in the extrusion molding is completed, the use of multiple press rolls, calendering into film, sheet. Typical molding products: film, plate - like products.

Blow molding is also called hollow molding or blow molding, the basic idea is to inflate it by blowing air into it. Main molding products: bottles, coal - oil tanks, containers.

Extrusion forming is characterized by continuous production of fixed shape products. Typical molding product: hose shape/resin particle.


Extrusion molding products through cooling device, drawing device, cutting device after becoming products. Thermoplastic resins are usually used and cannot be used to produce hardened film shapes.

Injection molding method has the advantages of fast production speed, high efficiency, operation can realize automation, color varieties, shape can be from simple to complex, size can be from large to small, and the product size is accurate, products are easy to update, can be shaped into complex parts, injection molding is suitable for mass production and shape complex products and other molding processing field. The mission of Fanstar is to master the core technology of injection molding production, communicate and analyze the technology before mold production with customers from the production needs of finished products, so that the mold delivery time is short, the life is long, the mass production is fast and the finished product quality is excellent! Have the need of injection molding mold welcome to contact us!




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