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The development process of ballpoint pen i.e. pen mold injection
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The development process of ballpoint pen i.e. pen mold injection

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The development process of ballpoint pen i.e. pen mold injection

1. The earliest source of the development of ballpoint pens

The term ballpoint pen was first coined in 1888 when an American journalist named John Lauder devised a pen that used a rollerball nib, but he failed to make it a convenient commodity.

In 1895, commercial non-writing ballpoint pens were also sold on the British market, but they did not become popular due to their narrow use. In 1916, someone in Germany also designed and produced a new type of ballpoint pen, whose structure was closer to today's ballpoint pen, but the performance was inferior and failed to attract widespread attention.

In June 1943, Bíró and his brother Georg, a chemist, applied for a new patent with the European Patent Office and produced the first commercially available ballpoint pen, the Biro ballpoint pen. Later, the British government purchased the rights to use the patented ballpoint pens, which made them available to the crew of the Royal Air Force. In addition to being stronger than traditional fountain pens, ballpoint pens are also capable of being used at low pressures (where the ink of a conventional fountain pen spills). This was well received in the RAF, making the Biro ballpoint pen a hit, and in World War II, the ballpoint pen was widely used in the army due to its sturdiness and ability to adapt to the battlefield environment.


2. Fan Shida open mold injection molding Chinese pen supplier

In 2011, China's relevant state departments launched the project of "R&D and Industrialization of Key Materials and Preparation Technology in the Pen Industry", and the state allocated nearly 60 million yuan to support relevant scientific research institutions and enterprises to carry out scientific and technological research on neutral ink manufacturing, stainless steel wire rod and processing equipment for pen nibs. After unremitting efforts, the project passed the acceptance of the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" National Science and Technology Support Plan in 2015 and achieved a series of technological breakthroughs. With the advancement of technology and the improvement of consumers' requirements for product quality, the manufacturing accuracy and quality of ballpoint pen molds have also begun to be valued. Manufacturers are starting to adopt more advanced manufacturing techniques and materials to improve the precision and durability of their molds.


Fanshida Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. also provides a lot of perfect pen mold accessories solutions for Chinese pen enterprises at home and abroad, innovative design concepts and manufacturing technology to develop more creative and practical ballpoint pen molds. Continuously improve product quality and performance to adapt to changes in market demand. To optimize mold design and improve production efficiency, mold manufacturing enterprises need to speed up the optimization of mold design and improve production efficiency. In the design of the mold structure, the reliability, stability and safety of the mold should be considered, and high-strength and high-hardness materials should be used to improve the life of the mold.


3. Fan Shida has developed into a professional provider of pen-making mold solutions with a high degree of professionalism and excellent cooperation. It has its own import and export license rights in international trade, and its business covers the world, mainly in Asia, such as: Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, etc., as well as the United States, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, etc., and the customer base is mainly distributed as a manufacturer of injection molds at home and abroad.




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