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The cause of the injection mold and the solution
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The cause of the injection mold and the solution

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The cause of the injection mold and the solution

Injection mold die is a common problem, it will lead to many adverse consequences in injection molding production, such as reduced production efficiency, mold damage and product quality decline. In order to solve this problem, we need to analyze the causes of the die and take appropriate solutions.

The reasons for stamping mainly include the following aspects:

1. The parameters of the injection molding machine are set improperly, the power is too large or the injection nozzle highlights the mold too much.

2. Mold cooling is improper, the temperature is too high.

3. Mold design is unreasonable, such as insufficient strength or deformation.

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For these reasons, we can take the following solutions:

1. Adjust the parameters of the injection molding machine, reduce the power of the injection molding machine or replace the injection nozzle, and reduce the length of the protruding mold.

2. Improve mold cooling conditions, increase cooling time or enhance cooling water flow.

3. Strengthen the design of the mold to improve the strength of the mold and avoid mold deformation.


Another option is to install a mold monitor.

The mold monitor uses the machine vision contrast function to carry out real-time calculation and processing of image data. By analyzing the images captured during the operation of the machine, it can monitor the operation of the injection molding machine, which can effectively detect whether the product is qualified, and check whether there is residue before closing the mold to prevent mold clamping.

The working principle of the mold monitor: When the injection molding machine opens the mold in place, the output signal triggers the mold protector, which continuously takes an image of the mold cavity and monitors whether the thimble pushes out and falls the formed workpiece. When the workpiece is fully monitored, the mold monitor sends a confirmation signal back to the injection molding machine to start the next cycle. If the workpiece does not fall or there is debris between the molds within the set time, the mold protector sends an abnormal signal to stop the action of the injection molding machine and alarm.

Through these solutions, we can effectively solve the problem of injection mold pressing, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and improve product quality. If you encounter injection mold problems, please contact professional companies for consultation and service.




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