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Several points that should be paid attention to in the design of thread turning mold
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Several points that should be paid attention to in the design of thread turning mold

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Several points that should be paid attention to in the design of thread turning mold

Thread turning dies, also known as thread forming dies or thread rolling dies, are tools used to make parts or products with a specific thread shape. It utilizes specific forming processes, such as rolling or extrusion, to create precise threads on the workpiece. This mold is often used for mass production because it can manufacture a large number of threaded parts with consistency and high accuracy in a short period of time.


There are several key points that need special attention when designing thread-to-thread molds to ensure the precision, efficiency, and durability of the molds. The following are several aspects that should be considered when designing a thread-to-thread mold:

1. Thread parameters and size:

Accurately determine the required thread type (e.g., metric, imperial, etc.), diameter, pitch and other parameters to ensure that the mold can manufacture the thread that meets the requirements.

Consider the tolerance range of the thread to ensure that the thread manufactured by the mold can meet the assembly and use requirements of the workpiece.

2. Material Selection:

Choose materials with high hardness, wear resistance and good toughness to manufacture molds to withstand high pressure and high frequency of use, considering the thermal stability and processing performance of the materials to ensure that the molds are not easy to deform or be damaged during manufacturing and use

3. Mold structure design:

Optimize the structural design of the mold to improve the rigidity and stability of the mold, reduce the deformation and error in the manufacturing process, consider the guiding and positioning device of the mold, ensure that the mold can be accurately aligned during assembly and use, and improve the forming accuracy of the thread


4. Cooling system design:

Design a reasonable cooling system to control the temperature of the mold during the working process and prevent material deformation or mold damage caused by overheating. Consider the layout and flow rate of the cooling system to ensure that the mold can be cooled evenly, improving production efficiency and thread quality,

5. Maintenance and upkeep:

Considering the convenience of mold maintenance and maintenance, design a mold structure that is easy to disassemble and assemble, facilitate regular inspection and maintenance, formulate mold use and maintenance specifications, ensure that operators can correctly use and maintain the mold, and prolong its service life.

6. Security Considerations:

In the design process, the safety of the mold needs to be considered to ensure that the personal safety of the operator is guaranteed during the use, installation and maintenance of the mold.


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