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Professional auto parts open injection molding design and manufacturing
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Professional auto parts open injection molding design and manufacturing

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Professional auto parts open injection molding design and manufacturing

First, the development trend of automobile molds

With the continuous expansion of the automobile market and the improvement of consumers' requirements for automobile quality, the precision and complexity of auto parts molds are also constantly improving. This requires mold manufacturing enterprises to have a higher technical level and more advanced production equipment to meet market demand. At the same time, with the rise of new energy vehicles, the demand for auto parts molds is also increasing, which provides new development opportunities for mold manufacturing enterprises. The application of digital and intelligent technology has become an important trend in the development of professional auto parts molds. By introducing CAD, CAE, CAM, CNC and other technologies, mold manufacturing enterprises can realize the digitization of mold design and the automation of the manufacturing process, and improve production efficiency and product quality. At the same time, the application of intelligent technology can also help enterprises realize the intelligent management of the production process, improve production efficiency and reduce costs.


Automotive molds are mainly used in the field of automobile manufacturing, involving the manufacture of multiple components such as body, engine, and chassis. With the rapid development of the automobile industry and the continuous innovation of technology, the application fields of automotive molds are also expanding, such as new energy vehicles, intelligent networked vehicles and other emerging fields The demand for molds is also increasing. The structure of a mold is usually composed of multiple parts, including a template, a guide pillar, a guide bushing, a thimble, a slider, and so on. These parts work together to ensure that the mold accurately replicates the desired shape and size. In addition, the mold contains important components such as hot runner systems, which are used to control the flow and cooling process of the plastic to ensure the quality and production efficiency of the product.


Dongguan Fanshida Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the manufacture of precision multi-cavity injection molds, mostly for high-end products, a variety of finished products are also in contact with more, with mature mold technology, to achieve short delivery time, long mold life, excellent product quality efficiency.


2. The automobile industry and FANSTAR mold injection molding develop each other

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the demand for automotive injection molding accessories is also increasing. Many enterprises came into being, specializing in the production and processing of automotive injection molded parts, constantly providing parts for the automobile manufacturing industry and promoting the development of the automobile industry. The selection of materials and precision injection molding processing for automotive injection molding parts are indispensable links in the manufacturing process. On the one hand, it is necessary to pay attention to the performance characteristics and cost of materials, select appropriate materials, and on the other hand, optimize the manufacturing process of injection molded parts in combination with the actual situation, improve production efficiency and reduce costs. Fanshida Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has provided a lot of perfect auto parts mold solutions at home and abroad, and has developed into a professional provider of auto parts injection mold solutions with a high degree of professionalism and excellent coordination. Its products not only have exquisite appearance and stable performance, but also meet environmental protection standards and are well received by customers.


The mission of FANSTAR people is to master the core technology of injection molding production, from the finished product production needs and customers to do technical exchange analysis before mold making, so that the mold delivery time is short, long life, rapid mass production and finished product quality is excellent!




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