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Processing Method And Design of Thread Mold for Injection Molded Products
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Processing Method And Design of Thread Mold for Injection Molded Products

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Processing Method And Design of Thread Mold for Injection Molded Products

The threads on the injection mold are divided into two forms: internal thread and external thread, and the thread type of injection molding products usually has six types: standard thread, rectangular thread, trapezoidal thread, zigzag thread, garden arc thread and V-shaped thread, as shown in the figure. Different tooth profiles can be selected for different applications, such as serrated threads for high strength requirements. For the commonly used packaging bottle and cap threads, the multi-head arc thread is commonly used, which can make the cap tighten within one or two turns.


1. Processing methods on injection molded products

1. For plastic products with low precision requirements, the forced dethreading structure (non-rotating) can be adopted. This mold structure is relatively simple, when the mold is opened, the core rod in the silicone rubber thread core is first withdrawn, so that the silicone rubber thread core has space to shrink, and then the product is forcibly pushed out. However, this method has a lower service life of silicone rubber threaded cores and is more suitable for low-volume production.

2. For plastic products that need to be automatically dethreaded, a non-forced dethreading structure (rotary type) can be adopted, which can be done in a variety of ways.


2. Design methodology

1. Before the design of the thread mold, it is necessary to clarify the specific requirements of the product, including the outer diameter of the thread, the pitch, the length of the thread, as well as the specification, direction and number of heads of the thread. This information is crucial for subsequent mold design.

2. The basic structure of the mold, such as the mold base, positioning pin, guide post and template, etc., also need to be considered in the design process to ensure the stiffness and stability of the mold. The core cavity design should be based on the size and shape of the product, taking into account the formability of the product, the venting performance and the cooling effect of the mold.


The above is the solution provided by Fanstar, the processing method and design of injection molded product thread mold is a complex process, which needs to consider a variety of factors. The correct processing method and design steps can ensure the performance and stability of the mold, improve the production efficiency and reduce the production cost.




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