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Precision connector mold design skills
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Precision connector mold design skills

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Precision connector mold design skills

The design of the precision connector mold must ensure the sealing performance, spark-proof performance, shielding performance and temperature control of the connector, so the design requirements of the precision connector are still very high. Let's introduce the design skills of precision connector molds in detail.

Design skills for precision connector molds:

1. In the sealing design of the precision connector mold, each hole position will be isolated, and the limit must be maintained during the design. The terminal position retainer is used to ensure the position of the terminal and the sealing ring.

2. The design of the precision connector must have a shielding layer and be effectively connected to the cable shielding layer to avoid oxidation corrosion and affect the shielding performance.

3. When the high-voltage terminal is used in the design of the precision connector, the entire circuit is not charged, and the high-voltage interlock circuit is connected and a signal is sent to the system before the high-voltage circuit is connected. When the connector is disconnected, it is just the opposite.

4. The design of the precision connector must be in accordance with the requirements of ISO. When a probe with a diameter of 12 mm is used to measure, any part of the probe in the connector cannot touch the charged body.

5. The design of precision connectors should define different temperature grades according to the application, and then design the product process according to different temperature grades, select materials and design reasonably, and adopt ultrasonic welding technology in the process.




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