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Please solve the problem like this!
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Please solve the problem like this!

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Please solve the problem like this!


When it comes to questions, are you like this?



When you can't find a solution to a problem...


Today I will tell you what methods we should use to solve problems.

The questions are as follows: 
A problem that requires us to answer.
A contradiction that needs to be solved.
A difficult problem, some accidents, etc. 
We have to give up the problem to solve the problem.


Solving problems is better than pursuing them

1. Problem Orientation: What went wrong?Continuing to hold people accountable and blame the past only complicates the problem and is not conducive to solving it.

2. Solution-oriented approach: We are doing the right thing, looking at the future, taking preventive measures, improving the current situation, and simplifying the problems.


The investigation will ignore constructive leads

1. Problem-oriented: Thinking about a problem from a single point of view, blaming someone for the problem, and finding the culprit won't solve the problem.

2. Solution-oriented approach: We try to stop all negative practices and focus on the relevant interaction without missing details. The opportunity of the problem will be naturally expressed and reflected in the interaction between people, so as to find the key to solve the problem.


Make good use of existing resources without complaining about insufficient resources

1. Problem-oriented method: Always thinking about non-existent resources, only seeing shortcomings, producing the expected "resistance", and getting used to saying no and no.

2. Solution-oriented approach: Maintain the innate idea that everything must be useful, explore positive experiences, and be cooperative. The first reaction is yes and yes, regardless of the position.


Explore the possibilities of the past, present and future

1. Problem-oriented approach: A restatement of the unconstructive past, recognizing that the past efforts are in vain and the future is difficult to change, and that we can only mark the same place and cannot change.

2. Solution-oriented approach: Explore possibilities, even in the past, and think about how you can change things for the better tomorrow.

Concise language

1. Problem-oriented method: There are traps in exaggerated and untrue nonsense. Too many labels, judgments and abstract concepts are used.

2. Solution oriented method: make good use of simple language to effectively enhance efficiency. Complex language can also be translated into simple everyday language.


Figure out what works best

1. Problem-oriented approach: Use inappropriate generalization theory, assume a position, prefer to respond to expectations or intuition, rely too much on experts, and do not understand the actual situation.

2. Solution oriented method: experience accumulates knowledge, but the reality is often an exception, with a beginner's mind, pay attention to what is happening, examine the problem, look at things from another perspective.


Stop doing this at once!

This road is blocked, change a road to go!






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