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Plastic mold injection processing manufacturers and problems
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Plastic mold injection processing manufacturers and problems

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Plastic mold injection processing manufacturers and problems

Fanstar Mould is a plastic mold injection processing manufacturer with 13 multi-cavity mold industry experience. Its professional ability is unquestionable. It has a professional QC technical team and testing equipment to ensure that every mold sent out is strictly quality controlled and processed. quality tested.

Plastic mold injection processing problems

1. Increase the injection pressure, prolong the injection pressure holding time, reduce the temperature of the barrel and the temperature of the plastic mold, and force cooling in the place where the dent is generated.

2. To avoid the difference in product thickness, set gates where the product thickness is large, the plastic mold for reversible bending of the product, increase the number of ejector rods, and increase the demoulding slope.

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3. Increase the injection pressure during injection molding; increase the injection time; increase the pressure holding time; increase the injection speed; increase the injection cycle

4. Pay attention to the temperature of plastic materials and plastic molds during injection molding. Too high or too low temperature will cause defects in injection molding products.

In recent years, my country's plastic mold injection processing has developed rapidly in terms of production technology and product quality, and plastic products are also widely used in daily life. However, compared with foreign advanced technology, the mold manufacturing technology level of some domestic injection mold enterprises that pay more attention to quality has been greatly improved.




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