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Pet plastic products mold processing and design points
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Pet plastic products mold processing and design points

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Pet plastic products mold processing and design points

Pet plastic supply molds are essential tools for making a variety of pet plastic supplies, such as feeders, retractors, pet food bowls, pet toys, vest covers, etc. These moulds are made of steel plate, copper plate metal materials, after design, processing, polishing, coating and other processes, can produce a variety of pet plastic supplies.


The processing and design points of pet plastic supplies mold include the following aspects:

1. Processing points

a. Select suitable processing materials. Die materials are usually die steel and aluminum alloy and other metal materials, different materials have different characteristics, according to the actual situation to choose.

b. Ensure mold accuracy. Mold accuracy directly affects product quality and production efficiency, so it is necessary to use high-precision processing equipment and technology to ensure the dimensional accuracy and surface roughness of the mold.

c. Treat the die surface. Die surface treatment is an important step to improve the wear and corrosion resistance of the die, usually including sand blasting, phosphating, oxidation, hard chromium plating and other processes.

2. Design essentials

a. Mold structure design. The mold structure of pet plastic products should conform to the design and production requirements of the product, including the design and layout of thimble, slider, guide post, spring and other components.

b. Selection of dimensional tolerance. Mold dimensional tolerances should be selected according to the accuracy and quality requirements of the product to ensure the dimensional stability and durability of the mold.

c. Consider the convenience of processing and maintenance. In the process of mold design, the convenience of processing and maintenance should be fully considered to reduce the difficulty of processing and maintenance cost.


It is very important to understand the mold processing and design of pet plastic products for manufacturing high quality and high precision pet plastic products. Only by mastering these key points, through optimizing the structure design, dimensional tolerance and layout, improve the durability of the mold and production efficiency. In order to produce pet plastic products to meet the needs of consumers, so as to succeed in the market.





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