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Performance evaluation of injection molds
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Performance evaluation of injection molds

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Performance evaluation of injection molds

Performance evaluation of injection molds

The method to quantitatively evaluate the performance of injection molds has not yet been established, but it is very important to objectively calculate whether the performance is commensurate with the investment.

In general, the performance evaluation of injection molds is carried out for the following items.

1. Forming capacity

Refers to the number of molded products that can be produced per unit time.

Estimated by the number of products that can be produced per hour. The gross profit amount per unit time can be calculated by multiplying the producible quantity by the profit amount.

The molding processing capacity of the injection mold can be calculated according to the molding cycle and the number of cavities of one injection molding.

2. Non-performing rate

It refers to the defect rate when injection molding is carried out in mass production.

If defective products are mixed, it will cause sorting management and processing costs for batch defects, so injection molds with low defective product rates have better performance.

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3. Maintenance cycle

In the process of mass production injection molding, in order to deal with problems such as trapped air or scratches, it must be disassembled and maintained. Injection mold maintenance can take anywhere from hours to days, incurring maintenance costs and loss of sales due to inability to mold.

Therefore, an injection mold with a long maintenance period was evaluated as having good performance.


4. Tooling cost

The sum of the cost of manufacturing the mold (initial cost) and the cost of maintenance management (operational cost) constitutes the total cost of manufacturing and maintenance of the injection mold. If this cost is low, it is evaluated that the investment efficiency is good.

If the initial cost is low but the running cost is high, the final total cost can be high.

It is important to correctly assess the cost of the mold, taking into account the expected life of the injection mold.

5. Comprehensive assessment

Comprehensive evaluation of 1 to 4. The importance of the assessment varies depending on the importance of the injection mold.




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