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Notes for injection mold maintenance
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Notes for injection mold maintenance

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Notes for injection mold maintenance

1. Maintain injection mold and confirm good range

Since the injection mold is an asset, we should first confirm whether it belongs to the customer's asset or the company's asset. It is especially important to first identify the scope of the maintenance. In principle, internal assets can be maintained only with the company's permission. However, if the injection mold is provided by the customer, detailed arrangements will be made. The following is an example of a customer asset injection mold arrangement.

· Location of injection mold maintenance (customer, customer designated injection mold manufacturer, etc.)

· Frequency of injection mold maintenance

· Arrangement of injection mold maintenance scope and other details.


2. Learn the necessary steps and knowledge of injection mold maintenance

Get guidance on maintenance steps from experienced maintenance personnel and injection mold manufacturers. The use of injection molding industry is diverse, such as automobile, home appliances, medical and other industries are different, injection mold manufacturing and precision requirements will be completely different, each industry has its own restrictions and rules, so should grasp the detailed points by accepting OJT.

As a prerequisite to this, it is extremely important to learn the basics of injection mold maintenance.

· Structure of injection mold (name, meaning and function of each component)

· Reading method of injection mold drawings (forced bolt mechanism, slider movement, unloading action, etc.)

· OJT (On the Job Training)

Three, careful attention, careful handling

Even a gentle tap can affect the shape of the product. If the assembly direction is reversed, the mold will be crushed. Injection mold maintenance, should be careful attention, careful treatment.




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