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No rules no standards
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No rules no standards

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No rules no standards

       As the saying goes: "There is no rule and no radius." In fact, it is the rules and regulations. Rules and regulations should be ubiquitous in our work, ranging from individual responsibilities to as large as company rules and regulations. They should be seen everywhere, especially if we do not have a standard and standard in our work, your responsibilities and powers will have no way to go. Quantification, there is no manifestation of your value. For the same thing, if different people do it, the process and result will definitely be different. Therefore, there must be a standard for everything, so that everyone is surrounded by one. Standards do, the process and results are the same, this is the real truth.

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         Why do we need to train our employees by rules and regulations? Because the company has bigger opportunities and more problems, there will be more and more "human" factors. Using rules and regulations to achieve dehumanized management will produce three benefits. First, it condenses the wisdom, and secondly, it liberates the operators. Finally, the realization of standardized operation suppresses the perceived factors.

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There are corresponding rules and regulations in the world and society, as small as companies, schools, and games. Only with the maintenance of these systems can the country be prosperous and strong, and we can live in peace. When employees hear the rules and regulations, many people are rebellious, but in fact all the rules and regulations are tools for employee growth and career gold.

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        The company’s rules and regulations are the same as the country’s legislation. No matter how perfect the country’s laws are, if everyone does not follow the law and does not investigate the violations, it will inevitably cause national chaos and social turmoil. No matter how good and standardized the rules and regulations formulated by an enterprise are, if the internal members do not comply, it is equivalent to no rules and regulations. In other words, the management of an enterprise fails to punish its internal members for violations of rules and regulations, which is tantamount to sheltering and condoning those who violate the rules. Eventually, it will cause chaos in the internal management of the enterprise, reduce its effectiveness, and even endanger the survival and development of the enterprise, which will turn into a problem of illegality. Therefore, every company must form a good corporate culture of rules and regulations, and be effective in internal control. Chapter can be followed, violations must be punished!




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