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New energy vehicle open injection molding and development trends
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New energy vehicle open injection molding and development trends

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New energy vehicle open injection molding and development trends

1. The development of new energy vehicle mold injection molding

In the development of the automotive mold industry at home and abroad, the production and marketing demand of China's automobile mold industry and the forward-looking mold technology for transformation and upgrading show the following nine development trends. The so-called fine manufacturing of mold is the development process and manufacturing results of the mold, which is specifically manifested in the rationalization of the stamping process and mold structure design, the high precision of mold processing, the high reliability of mold products and the rigor of technical management. In fact, the fine manufacturing of molds is not a single technology, but a comprehensive reflection of design, processing and management technology. In addition to relying on technical excellence, the realization of mold fine manufacturing also depends on strict management to guarantee.

China is the world's largest country in automobile production and sales, and the number of cars is expected to be the first in the world, but it has never been able to produce its own high-end cars, which has a lot to do with the lagging development of the automobile mold industry, which is known as the "mother of the automobile industry", and the automobile mold refers to the mold used in the automotive field, known as the "mother of the automobile industry", 90% of the automobile production The above parts need to rely on mold forming, and automobile body molds, especially large and medium-sized panel molds, are an important part of body manufacturing technology, and are also a key link in the formation of independent development capabilities of automobiles. Automotive mold products include automotive panel molds, tire molds, interior and exterior plastic parts molds, lamp molds, automobile bumper molds, automotive dashboard molds, etc.


In Germany, the United States, Japan and other developed countries in the automobile manufacturing industry, more than 40% of the products in the mold industry are automotive molds, while only about 1/3 of the mold products in China are for the automobile manufacturing industry. In general, about 1,500 molds are required to manufacture an ordinary car, including nearly 1,000 stamping dies and more than 200 interior parts molds. Affected by the rapid development of China's automobile industry, China's automobile mold industry has shown rapid growth, and the market capacity has been expanding. And with the continuous optimization of the industrial structure and technological progress of China's automobile mold industry, the proportion of high-end automobile mold products in the entire industry has gradually increased, and the average annual growth rate is expected to exceed 15% in the next five years.


2. The relationship and results of Fanshida new energy vehicle injection mold

The predecessor of FANSTAR (Fieldcoe) was engaged in trading, and opened its own mold injection molding processing plant to meet the needs of customers. At the same time, we provide a lot of perfect products such as: stationery mold, hot runner mold, automatic plastic parts mold, pen mold accessories, pet supplies mold, medical equipment mold, electronic product mold, auto parts mold and other solutions. Master the core technology, strengthen technology research and development, and maintain the leading edge of technology. Continuously improve product quality and performance to adapt to changes in market demand. To optimize mold design and improve production efficiency, mold manufacturing enterprises need to speed up the optimization of mold design and improve production efficiency. In the design of the mold structure, the reliability, stability and safety of the mold should be considered, and high-strength and high-hardness materials should be used to improve the life of the mold.


The new energy vehicle market is growing rapidly. This trend means greater market demand for mold injection molders. The requirements of new energy vehicles for lightweight, high performance and high safety also provide new development opportunities for mold injection molding suppliers. In order to improve the accuracy and quality of mold manufacturing, advanced CNC machining equipment and automated production lines can be adopted. In the end, in order to achieve a win-win situation with customers, it can not only deliver the mold to customers with quality and quantity, but also ensure the stable and rapid development of Fanshida, so as to better serve customers, and provide a lot of perfect pen mold solutions at home and abroad.




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