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Method of use of standard parts for injection molding molds
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Method of use of standard parts for injection molding molds

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Method of use of standard parts for injection molding molds

Injection molding mold frame is composed of upper die seat, lower die seat, guide post, guide sleeve component. The upper die is usually the punch die, and the lower die is usually the concave die. If the relationship between the punch die and the concave die is considered, the punch die and the concave die are installed on the mold guide through the fixed pin, so as to maintain the relationship between the punch die and the concave die.

The intermediate guide post mold is an injection molding mold with the load center in the center, suitable for front-to-back operation. Often used for single die blanking, punching, bending and other processing; The Angle column type is mainly used for small continuous die and other automatic injection molding die.

The four-column type is the type with guide posts at four corners, which is the most reliable for maintaining the accuracy of injection molding die. On the other hand, it is more difficult to work in injection molding molds with single mode operation because of the obstruction caused by the guide posts. Therefore, this type is more suitable for continuous modules.


The rear column frame is unlimited in the left and right and the front, and its structure is most conducive to single mode operation. In addition, this form will not hinder the passage of the feed rod and the rod arm in the processing of the manipulator, so it is also often used for injection molding molds for this purpose. Its disadvantage is that the heavier part is supported only by one side, and the front has a downward trend, but the accuracy is no problem.

The sliding guide post or steel ball guide post can be used for small die frames, but the steel ball guide post is more used for large die frames because of the relationship with the required force of action. This is because users want to be able to use less force to make the injection molding mold smooth action. From the perspective of accuracy, the sliding guide post has higher accuracy. The resistance of steel ball guide column to side pressure is weak. In order to meet the needs of customers for smooth action and high rigidity, the needle guide cylinder has recently been marketed.

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