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Medical product plastic mold, you must know five key points
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Medical product plastic mold, you must know five key points

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Medical product plastic mold, you must know five key points

In the medical field, plastic molds are indispensable and important tools. They are used in the production of medical products such as syringes, infusion sets, surgical instruments, etc. However, the quality and safety of medical products are of paramount importance to the lives and health of patients, so the selection and use of plastic molds for medical products becomes a crucial decision. Here are five key points you must know about the indicators of plastic molds for medical products.


One. Degree of product

Medical devices have extremely high requirements for the degree, so the degree of plastic molds for medical products is one of the primary indicators. A good plastic mold for medical products should be able to accurately manufacture products with complex shapes and sizes to ensure product quality and accuracy.

Two. Material durability

Plastic molds in the medical field must be able to withstand high temperatures and pressures, and at the same time have a certain degree of corrosion resistance. These characteristics determine whether the mold can be used for a long time, and can ensure the safety and quality of medical products.


Three. Rapid design and manufacturing capabilities

In the medical field, the cycle time for new product development is usually short, so medical product plastic molds need to have rapid design and manufacturing capabilities to meet the urgent needs of the market. At the same time, the mold manufacturer should also have a professional design team, which can quickly formulate a better design plan according to the needs of customers.

1. Using advanced simulation techniques, such as CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) and a well-understood theoretical basis, it is possible to identify the flow effect at the model level and the macro level in advance.

2. Mold manufacturers can adopt advanced manufacturing processes such as advanced CNC machine tools and high-precision coating technology to ensure the manufacturing and processing accuracy of molds and improve the production efficiency of molds.

Four. Cost-effective

The cost of plastic molds for medical products is an important consideration in decision-making, and mold makers need molds that are affordable and meet quality requirements. Cost-effectiveness can be achieved through the selection of appropriate materials, the adoption of sustainable tooling design and manufacturing processes.


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