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Marker open mold injection molding and development trend
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Marker open mold injection molding and development trend

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Marker open mold injection molding and development trend

The development process of the marker

With the progress of the times and the development of science and technology, the development of markers has shown a trend of diversification and innovation. On the one hand, markers are playing an increasingly important role in the field of art and design as a drawing and design tool. As a way of communication in the industry, the marker pen has become a popular expression tool, which can produce a variety of effects on different papers, and can also be mixed with other painting tools, and has its own unique artistic color for the expression of objects with different textures, which is both image and fast, and has a strong expressive power. Especially in the hand-painted landscape of the landscape, the hand-painted marker is a compulsory course for learning landscape design, and it is the basic literacy of every student who learns art design. While using the computer to design the scene, the designer will also use the concept, artistry and convenience of the marker pen to express his design concept and creativity. China's pen-making industry has become a major producer and exporter of the world's pen-making industry.


Fan Shida open mold injection molding China marker pen making pen supplier

Market demand is an important factor affecting the development of gel pen open mold injection molding. With the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the appearance, performance, environmental protection and other aspects of markers, marker manufacturers need to continuously improve the production process and improve product quality to meet market demand. There is a pen open injection molding manufacturer in China, which provides many perfect pen mold accessories solutions for Chinese pen enterprises at home and abroad.


With the advancement of science and technology and the application of digital technology, the design and manufacture of marker pen molds are gradually becoming digital and intelligent. The application of CAD, CAM, CAE and other technologies makes mold design more accurate and efficient, and the degree of automation and intelligence in the mold manufacturing process is also constantly improving, effectively improving production efficiency and product quality. The design and manufacture of marker pen molds also requires continuous innovation and upgrading. For example, according to the needs of different consumer groups, a more personalized and diversified marker pen mold is designed to meet the diversified needs of the market.


Marker pen open mold injection molding professionalism

Dongguan Fanshida Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a company with professional ability and rich experience in the field of pen opening injection molding, and its product quality and technical level are in the leading position in the industry. Pay attention to technological innovation and R&D investment, and constantly introduce advanced production equipment and technical means to improve production efficiency and product quality. At the same time, the company also has an experienced and skilled R&D team, which can continuously launch competitive new products according to market demand and customer needs. It has its own import and export license rights in international trade, and its business covers the world, mainly in Asia, such as: Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, etc., as well as the United States, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, etc., and the customer base is mainly distributed as a manufacturer of injection molds at home and abroad.




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