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Items to be considered in injection mold design
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Items to be considered in injection mold design

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Items to be considered in injection mold design

When designing an injection molding mold, the design project must be explored from various angles, but in general, it is recommended to consider the following angles.

(1) Purpose

It should be able to clearly achieve the goals of quality, cost, productivity, life and so on that the mold needs to achieve.

(2) Reliability

The quality assurance function of the mold, quality stability, compatibility during maintenance, etc., should be able to ensure the reliability of the molded product. It should have operational stability and allow continuous molding for a long period of time with peace of mind.

(3) Economical

Shall be able to produce shaped products at reasonable cost. It should be possible to minimize scrap and minimize overall costs such as recyclability. Mold maintenance costs (maintenance costs, maintenance labor costs) can be minimized.

(4) Originality

Forming original designs that include intellectual property and know-how can bring competitiveness.

(5) Machinability

Should be designed in a shape that can be easily machined.


(6) Adaptability to mass production

Compatibility should be available when making additional molds.

(7) Maintenance and management

Ease of maintenance, rust prevention, etc. should be considered.

(8) Standardization

Reduce costs and enhance compatibility with standard specifications.

(9) Theoretical

When designing, strength, structure and other aspects should be backed by mechanics and other scientific and technological theories.

(10) Security

In order to ensure safe handling of molds during operations such as movement, disassembly, assembly, etc., fixtures, auxiliary functions, etc. should also be considered.

(11) Transportability

When moving the mold, it should be able to be disassembled and transported in a convenient way.

(12) Low noise

A structure that can avoid noise as much as possible when using the mold should be adopted.

(13) Compatibility of electromechanical components


For electrical components such as sensors and switches, compatible components should be used, and the design should ensure that they are easy to maintain and adjust.




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